Photographer and make-up artist in Prague

Photography is a unique way to capture the special moments of our lives. Do you think about making professional photos of yourself, your kids or the whole your family? Are you searching for a suitable and of course professional photographer from Prague for a wedding or the other special occasion?

Write me. I specialize in portraits and wedding photography. I can catch fashion trends, and also shoot product and advertising photography, taking into account individual wishes and needs of my clients.

Perfect make-up

An important part of the high-quality photos is a make-up, and I am pleased to offer you my make-up artist services. Whether you need daily business make-up or more impressive make-up for a date, for wedding or just for photos, contact me. I'm a photographer and makeup artist from Prague. I have a lot of experience and a lot of positive feedback from my favorite clients in both of these areas.

Perfect make-up will emphasize your strengths and help hide minor flaws. Professional make-up of eyes and lips will make you more attractive - all depend on your ideas and wishes. Despite the fact that you are beautiful with no makeup, sometimes there are moments in life when woman can afford to be more expressive and brighter. Professional make-up with hairstyle and suitable clothing are evidence of this.

Try some of my packages

I work as a professional photographer and a make-up artist for many years. If you are interested in my proposal of make-up and photo, I glad to listen to your needs and offer you something suitable. To help with the choice of an effective combination of my services you can choose some of my packages of photo and make-up named Simple, Medium and Complete. These packages include a certain time on make-up and photo. You can order this package for yourself or give it as a beautifully designed gift certificate to your mother, grandmother, daughter, or, for example, best friend.