Wedding, evening makeup

Do I need a makeup artist?

If you are planning a wedding in Prague and you want to entrust your look to a professional, then yes, you need a bridal makeup artist. If you plan a prom, party, concert, birthday or other important event, then yes, ideally you will need the services of a professional make-up artist.

If you are absolutely confident in your abilities and you apply make-up better than any make-up artist, no, you don't need one.

What will make-up artist do for me?

I will look and accentuate your best features. I will neutralize imperfections. I'll listen to your suggestions and implement them. In case if you don't have any wishes - I'll just make you beautiful.

Bridal makeup artist is a very important person. Ask the photographer who does the photo retouching. Or a bride that can not draw a straight line because of the excitement. Or a videographer who is powerless in the war with brides's different shades of the face and neck. I am not joking. This is a very important day.

What else?

A personal psychologist, who can work with stress. Free travel. Help with lacing the dress and accessories. Help with feverish packing ("Oh My God, we have forgotten something!"), as well as a positive human disposal. At least for one and a half hour.