Fantasy make-up, SFX

What is that?

Fantasy make-up and special effects (SFX) is an opportunity to make absolutely everything with your appearance.

Fantasy make-up allows to take interesting beauty and fashion photos. As a photographer, I love this kind of make-up (attention - I like and often provide TFP in Prague. Email me if you have something very interesting in your mind!)

Special effects and make-up will be useful, for example, on Halloween. Or for a themed party. Or if you're shooting a movie. We can make everything - vampire teeth, elf ears, wigs, nails, wounds, an autopsy, zombie, masks of any complexity, including full-body. Special effects can be very scary and very beautiful.

Creating special effects requires a lot of time and specific materials that's why  make plans as early as possible.

And do you have a diploma?

I do have one. I was lucky enough to learn from the great masters of make-up and special effects like Vlad Taupesha and Joseph Raraha.

What else will I get?

Unforgettable feelings and amazing photos.