Wedding, Love story

Does it suit us?

Sure, if you're a loving couple.

We will plan your wedding shoot to the smallest details, invent options for good and bad weather, advise on wedding images and props. I will answer hundreds of your questions and ask hundreds of mine.

What is a wedding photoshoot and pre-wedding photoshoot "love story"?

With wedding photoshoot it is more or less clear: we shoot happy people in beautiful places of Prague. After the retouch by your desire I can create a luxury wedding photo album.

Let's make it clear with pre-wedding shooting (love story). You need this if you want to assess the level of your wedding photographer before the wedding day and get to really know him. Or when you want to show the guests a beautiful slide show of your love story (the history of dating) on a wedding day. Or when you spend your honeymoon in Prague and want to take away a piece of history.

By the way, it does not necessarily have to be a honeymoon. Holiday or an anniversary is also a great reason.

What else do we get?

You will get 3 preliminary consultations over a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe, ideas for images of the bride and groom, ideas for wedding venue in the Czech Republic, answers to all your questions about wedding photography in Prague and very productive work on creating warm memories.