Do I need a portrait photography?

A woman, a man, a mother of two children, a businessman or a blogger - it doesn't matter at all who are you!

Portraiture is good because it creates memories for you, which can be placed in the album or hanged on the wall at home. Photos can be sent to a modeling agency, placed on your website, used for postcards for your loving ones, or for a profile photo on the social network.

Yes, you can give the photo shoot certificate to someone.

How does it work?

Photographer will highlight your inner world and show it on photos. Therefore, get ready for interesting acquaintance. Professional photography is different. As well as the presence of vision, special training, experience and professional technology.

We can shoot anywhere - for example, in one of three photo studios in the centre of Prague. Or in the exterior. We can rent an amazing boudoir. We can arrange a photo shoot at your place. No problem.

With one shooting hour you will get up to 10 fully processed photos in the original resolution.

What else will I get?

Tea, coffee, buns, prior consultation on what, where, when and how we take pictures, as well as what to bring with you. I will also tell you how to get ready for a photo shoot.